Your account has been temporarily limited by INSTAGRAM. This limit is not set by us. This means Instagram has flagged your account for overusing the follow & unfollow action.
1. Make sure your account is not logged into any 3rd party apps that automate “follows & unfollows”. You can try changing your password. This will log you out of all 3rd party apps including ours. You will need to re-login into followmeter.
2. This limit can last from couple days. Make sure to not overuse other features including liking too many posts or comments during this time. Simply use your account normally until the ban is lifted.
3. Once the ban is lifted do not follow or unfollow too many people at once. Start out at 10 people a day for a week. Never follow/unfollow more than 200 people a day after that. Even in the official app.

1. Open browser on your phone and go to www.Instagram.com and login.
2. Once you are logged in try unfollowing someone.
3. If you are able to successfully unfollow someone on www.Instagram.com open followmeter and see if you can now unfollow from our app.

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